All six artists in Extension of Self: what it means to be human in a digital world, question the role that digital technology plays while integrating it into their work to create interactive art for the viewer to explore.

Our identities will continue to be complex and full of multiplicities. We invite you to take some time to interact with these pieces and to ask yourself what it means to be human in a digital world.

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Chanell Angeli - Origin

Skyers explores ritualistic, spiritual, and memorial dimensions through her heritage as a woman of Caribbean descent.

Eve Brown - Sharing My Bed

In this piece I’m exploring the tension of extending the self through social media while chronically ill. The necessity, the limitations, and the beauty. In this piece I utilize the same dimensions of the bed I’ve slept in since getting a traumatic brain injury and the onset of Lyme Disease taking over.

Emma Chammah - Diagrams of a Body in Space II

Diagrams of a Body in Space II is a collection of tactile experiments, all conceived of as dimensional diagrams on the spatial qualities of experience.

Dr. Ashutosh Dhekne - TechMyMoves

TechMyMoves is an exploration in mapping the human presence into an interactive art.

Dr. Bojana Ginn - Science of Happiness

Science of Happiness harnesses the newest medical research on specific frequencies of light, sound, and rhythm, resulting in the creation of physical and virtual spaces that enhance mental wellness and promote longevity.

Noura Howell - Heart Sounds Bench

The Heart Sounds Bench amplifies people's live heart sounds using modified stethoscopes. Noura Howell chose to hack stethoscopes, a classic medical sensor, to invite an exploratory auditory experience of this sonic data. It does not analyze or record the sounds.