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Extension of Self: what it means be human in a digital world 

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In What Makes An Object Evocative?, Sherry Turkle says, “[…] her laptop computer, the flickering screen does not appear cold and abstract, but is integrated into her sense of herself. […] the laptop […] is experienced as co-extensive with the self. [she] feels so close to her laptop that she cannot tell where it leaves off and she begins. Her self-understanding depends on analyzing the flows and rhythms that pass between herself and the machine” (2011, 325). 

  • When does technology become an integrated extension of self? 
  • How does the use of assistive technology enhance your independence and quality of life? 
  • When is an object a tool, and when does it become an extension of one’s identity? 

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Expression of self: what it means to be human in a digital world

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