The exhibits bring into frame the question of humanity and society within the context of an increasingly digital world.
A new art exhibit at Georgia Tech titled “Extension of Community: What it Means To Be Sustainable in a Digital World” opened last month on Georgia Tech’s campus.
Looming over four separate downtown Atlanta streetscapes, a series of digital billboards have played host to an art intervention in the urban space that is unfolding at monumental scale.
Ten Atlanta artists have their works displayed on four Arts & Entertainment Atlanta billboards across downtown.
An outdoor digital exhibition addressing what it means to be sustainable in a digital world.
Curator Birney Robert and Full Radius artistic and executive director Douglas Scott discuss “Extension of Self: A Dance Between Human and Digital.”
The College of Computing has won a 2023 Georgia Association of Museums (GAM) award thanks to the work of staff member Birney Robert.
With the purpose of curating an accessible art exhibit at the intersection of science and technology, Birney Robert, event coordinator for Tech’s College of Computing, created the “Extension of Self” exhibit here at the Institute.
A new art exhibition curated by a College of Computing staff member is opening next week and features the work of a College faculty member.
“What does it mean to be human in a digital world?” That question is the focus of the new exhibition at Georgia Tech, “Extension of Self.” Curator Birney Robert is using art to promote STEM accessibility in a new show on view through Oct. 14.